The main product and tradition is the production of parts for the aviation industry and tools for the hydroforming of aircraft aluminum parts of the aircraft structure.

We use laser technologies, for instance LENS, to produce the most demanding products, including the ones from titanium. For this purpose, we have developed all the appropriate procedures for traceability, production and quality control of materials in the narrowest tolerances.

Our expertise in the treatment of aluminum alloys of the 2xxx and 6xxx groups, as well as the alloys of the 7xxx group, in the states required by the aviation and space industries, is particularly important.


Hydroforming tools

The company has been producing HIDROFORMING tools since 1995.

Hydroforming or internal high-pressure forming is the process of forming with the active liquid (often water-oil emulsion). The pressure required in this process depends largely on the material used, the thickness of the material and the minimum radius to be formed. The required internal pressure can be up to several thousand bars.

The advantages of such HYDROFORMING in comparison with the classic deep drawing are: The production of geometric parts that cannot be produced by conventional procedures.